Friday, August 24, 2012

Zoya Rekha

I'm here again! Zoya Rekha is the second polish I've worn from Zoya's fall collections this year. Normally I'm not a huge red person, but I really, really, really like Rekha. It's one of those that blurs the line between jellies and cremes, giving this wonderfully glossy sheen while still being entirely opaque. I had an unusually hard time getting my camera to shoot accurately when it came to Rekha's color. In my pictures, it appears brighter and more candy-like than it is in real life. It's hard to describe, but Rekha's closer to what I think of as a true cherry red (you know, like actual cherries).

 natural light

  natural light
  natural light
 natural light

Isn't it gorgeous? I'm practically drooling over these pictures, and they're not even as pretty as the actual polish. I think the second, blurry picture shows the jellyish quality of Rekha especially well, and the last two pictures are perhaps the closest in actual color. I only hope the rest of the collection is as wonderful as Rekha and Evvie, because if so, I'm going to be in nail polish heaven for the entire fall!

This polish was provided to me by Zoya for a fair review. Please see my disclosure policy for details.


  1. lovely shade...
    If i'm not wrong, it might've been inspired by an indian actress...
    Not sure..

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