Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Layla Flash Black

Hello again! I've made it through the first few weeks of the semester, and I think I *might* be figuring out how to both do my homework and have free time (where I'm not procrastinating)...maybe. We'll see. At any rate, at least I have time to write a couple blog posts now and then! I really miss being more active on Never Unpolished, but of course school has to come first. A few weeks ago I finally tried my bottle of Layla Hologram Effects in Flash Black - what took me so long, I have no idea. I also tried out my brand-spanking-new light box, which I got for myself with Christmas money. I really love it, but I accidentally dropped one of the lights on the floor tonight when I was taking pictures of my current manicure, so now I only have one light. Oops. Anyway, here's Flash Black:

Gorgeous, no? I'm so glad I got this while I had the chance - now I just have to get a purple holo...and a red holo...and all of the holos... ;) You can never have enough holos, right? That's what I thought. Have a great day!

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