Sunday, March 17, 2013

Not a St. Paddy's Day Manicure

I actually had a St. Patrick's Day mani all planned out. I planned it last night, in fact. And then I went ahead and painted my nails pink and glittery, because I forgot that today was St. Patrick's Day. Whoops. I'm just going to blame it on spring break, because when I'm not at university, I have no idea what day of the week or date it is. Anyway, I really like this manicure and didn't want to take it off after less than 12 hours of wear, so here we are! Maybe this is for St. Patty's Day instead of St. Paddy's Day? (Hint: If you didn't know, Patty is a girl's name in Ireland.)

I got both of these lovelies Friday at Ulta - the base is three coats of OPI Don't Burst My Bubble from the Oz collection, a sheer pale pink I got to replace Catch My Garter, which was my go-to pale pink until I ran out of it about a month ago (I used it for frankening as well as painting my nails). The glitter, as I'm sure you recognize if you read other nail blogs, is OPI Lights of Emerald City, also from the Oz collection.

I'm a bit puzzled as why OPI chose to use Oz for their SoftShades collection instead of doing it as a standalone thing, because I would imagine an Oz nail polish collection to have a lot of bright colors and colorful glitters. However, I do love these polishes, particularly Lights of Emerald City. I definitely agree with Chalkboard Nails that it has quite the indie vibe to it, particularly with the square glitter. I'm hoping that as indie polishes become more popular, mainstream polish companies will take the hint that we want more exciting polishes! Of course, indie companies will always be a little more daring, which I love, but it'd be nice to see more fresh ideas in the mainstream polish scene.

P.S. 450 posts! Woo! If you're still here, thanks for sticking around despite my now-permanent super-nubbins (I have endocrine problems that caused my nails to get very weak and my hair to get a lot thinner over the past couple years).

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