Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Are the D.A.

If you know what the title of this post refers to, you are pretty freaking awesome. Just saying. Anyway, for my second Harry Potter nail art of the week, I decided to do one dedicated to the D.A. - that is, Dumbledore's Army. When I think of the D.A., for some reason I always think of blue and silver, maybe because the Room of Requirement in the movie has kind of blue lighting. For whatever reason, though, those are the main colors in my D.A. mani. My thumbnail is to the right, and my other four fingernails are shown below.

Both pictures were taken indoors under artificial lighting. I used Wet n Wild White Creme for the base on the thumb and China Glaze First Mate to write "D.A.." On my other fingers, I used First Mate with two coats of Icing Electric Feeling on top for the base, and on all the fingers I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City for the splatter.

The writing didn't turn out nearly as well as I would've liked, but I must say that the splatter looks much better than I'd hoped. This was only my second splatter mani (you'll probably see the first sometime next week), so I was very happy with how it turned out. Since SLU's colors are blue and white, I may do something similar for Welcome Week...


  1. Yay! I recognized the "DA"!lol
    I really love your mani! I think it's the best splatter mani I've ever seen!
    It makes me think of a map of the Earth kkk That's gorgeous! Maybe I'll have to try a splatter mani! I didn't like them but I completely changed my mind when I saw yours! That's a really good job!!

  2. Thank you so much! I think maybe this one turned out better because it's a metallic, because I didn't do anything different from last time...who knows!

  3. So cool, god, I have to learn that splatter thing. It's the first time I've seen it, which is kind of weird! Great mani and of cours: DA. FTW ;)

  4. YES!! DA caught my eye immediately! I love this! :) I am SO excited for the new HP movie!!! I am going to the midnight premier! :)

  5. Thank you! It's actually incredibly easy - there are some tutorials out
    there, but basically all you have to do is dip the end of the straw in the
    polish (some use puddles of polish, but I find it easier to just dip it in
    the bottle), then blow on your nail! You might want to do it on a piece of
    paper a couple times to get the feel for it. :) Good luck!

  6. Haha, thanks! I'm jealous - I can't get to the midnight premiere because the
    nearest is two hours away. Have fun for me! ;)

  7. I love this! Sorry you can't go to the premier. :(
    DA FTW!