Friday, September 9, 2011

Starry Night

Even if you're not at all interested in art, I'm sure you've seen van Gogh's Starry Night before. Housed in New York City's Museum of Modern Art, Starry Night is widely considered the painter's magnum opus, and it's probably one of the most well-known paintings in the world. So what on earth does this have to do with nails? Well, Inspired Nails makes Starry Night full-nail water decals, and I was lucky enough to get some to review. You can see the thumbnail on the left, and my other four fingers are shown below:

indoors, artificial light

My apologies for my dry fingers and the yellowish lighting . . . I'm still figuring out how best to use the lighting I have available here, and homework (or procrastinating, as the case may be) is still taking priority over cuticle cream, which has resulted in some unfortunate hangnails.

Anyway, I absolutely love these decals - they look incredible on, and I think the ring finger is my favorite. Since they're simply water decals, they're quite easy to apply, and the only slight complaint I have about them is that I wish my nails were longer so that more of the painting would show. However, the decals can't help that I only have nubbins, so I don't hold that against them. :)

Inspired Nails also has a ton of other art-inspired decals, including American Gothic, art from Alice in Wonderland, Monet's water lilies, The Scream, Creation of Adam, Botticelli's Birth of Venus . . . I mean, who wouldn't want American Gothic on their nails? Well, there are probably quite a few people, but I think it's awesome. Now I just need someone to restrain me so I don't buy every single set . . .

P.S. I have a coupon code that you can use to get 15% off your entire Inspired Nails purchase now through October 31, 2011 - NEVERUNPOLISHED15. Also, Inspired Nails is offering half sets of decals for only $5.00!  Half a set is 12 decals, which will do a complete manicure with two extras. That means that with my coupon code, you can get a set for $4.25. Great deal, huh? Now go wild!

*The nail decals were received by myself from Inspired Nails for the purpose of review. However, this will never affect what I say about a product. For more information, see my disclosure policy.


  1. I thought they were hand painted nails...the decals are very cool!

  2. Thank you! I'm definitely not talented enough to paint this by hand. :)

  3. This is SO Cool! You did a great job of capturing the work in a mani!! Three cheers!

  4. I didn't actually paint them, as I made clear in the post. Thanks, though.

  5. Nails by ScarsLikeLaceSeptember 9, 2011 at 4:57 PM

    I would love to get a set of those decals, I have been in love with them ever since I first saw them! They're gorgeous! :)

  6. Zara this is incredible :) you're going to be sad to take this off!

  7. Thanks - and you should definitely get some! For once, I actually think they're worth the $10 (I usually don't go for the decals/nail stickers because they're so expensive).