Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zoya Beach Comparisons

Aaaand, here I am again! I have to say, I'm thrilled to have posted three days in a row now when I haven't been able to post consistently for the past while. While I didn't do a comparison post for Surf, simply because I don't own any near dupes that I can think of, there were several out of Beach that I wanted to compare, either because I thought they'd be dupes or simply thought they might be close enough to count.

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First, I compared Zoya Lara to Color Club Overboard. Overboard is on my index and ring fingers, and Lara is on my middle and pinkie fingers. While the two colors are a bit similar, they're not dupes by any means, and since both have good application and opacity, I wouldn't ditch one for the other by any means.

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Next, we have Zoya Shelby and Color Club Yachty, Yachty, Yadda. I apologize for forgetting to turn my macro setting on for this picture, but you can still see how the colors compare. Shelby is on my middle and pinkie fingers, and Yachty, Yachty, Yadda is on my index and ring fingers. Shelby is clearly a bit redder, while Yachty, Yachty, Yadda has more white.

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Zoya Arizona is the only polish out of Beach that I thought would have a true dupe, and I was right - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed is a very nearly exact duplicate of Arizona. While there are very, very negligible differences when you hold your fingernails right smack dab in front of your eyeballs in excellent lighting (Sun Kissed is maybe very slightly redder and Arizona more yellow), you really can't tell the difference once you get your hand about a foot away from your face. Bottom line: if you have one, you really don't need the other.

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Finally, I compared Zoya Wednesday with China Glaze For Audrey. I didn't think they'd be dupes, and they aren't, but I was curious to see exactly how similar they are, especially after using For Audrey in my Wednesday gradient. They're different, but similar enough that I wouldn't be surprised if I do nail art combining them again at some point.

On one last note, I want to remind you all of what I said in my original Beach post - I think Reagan might be similar to OPI Dim Sum Plum, but as I didn't bring Dim Sum Plum with me to college, I can't be sure. I hope this post is helpful regardless!

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