Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ulta3 English Rose

Ulta3 is an Australian brand that, as I don't live in Australia, I never would have gotten to try if it weren't for a YGN giveaway that I won. I put it on yesterday during school - it was our last day, and it was only half a day, and nobody was doing anything. So naturally, I just went around painting my nails. :) And even though I used base and top coat (Nutra Nail Nail Thickener and Rush) and did everything I usually do, the polish had a couple minor chips last night and is coming off like nobody's business now. One of my fingernails actually has no polish left (okay, I helped that one along a bit), and two others are half gone (and I didn't help those)! Maybe Ulta3 doesn't play well with my particular base and top coats...I'll have to try something different next time, because I love the color - a bright red with gold shimmer - and application. This was two easy coats. Also, sorry for the lack of cleanup. Like I said, I did these during school, and didn't feel like cleaning up after I got home.

indoors, artificial light

Isn't it pretty? chipped about ten minutes after I took that picture. BUT I still love the color, and I will keep trying. That is, I'll keep trying once I make my way through my sizable untried box. Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


  1. Me too! Next time I'll try a different top coat and see if that helps. I
    hope so.

  2. Oooh I like the gold in that. It sucks that it didn't last long though :(