Monday, April 25, 2011

China Glaze Grape Pop

Today I have China Glaze Grape Pop to show you. I got this from China Glaze's PR company a while back, and I had pretty high expectations. I've always found China Glaze polishes to have excellent formulas and lovely colors, so I expected Grape Pop to follow that precedent. And guess what? It has an excellent formula, it's a lovely color - but not only that. I think China Glaze Pop is my perfect purple creme.

indoors, artificial light

Of course, like most purples, Grape Pop is a diva and refuses to be photographed accurately. It's warmer than it appears in the picture, and my skin is not that jaundiced. Appropriately, Grape Pop is a very grapey purple, and it's also very glossy. I used two coats without top coat in the picture. I probably wouldn't have gone out and bought this on my own because I would have though that it's "just a purple creme." However, I'm so glad that China Glaze sent it to me, because this not just a purple creme, but my favorite purple creme.

This product was provided to me by the manufacturer for review; however, this will never affect what I say in a review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


  1. I love this colour, it is one of my favourite purple cremes!

  2. I love grape pop! I've had in in my cart a few time now, still didn't get it but I think I'll actually take it with my next order! Great you found your favorite purple now :-D

  3. You should definitely get it!