Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Frankens

Happy Easter! Go grab a Cadbury egg and come back.

Are you back? Okay, so last month sometime (I am clearly bad about posting things in a timely fashion), I made a set of four frankens as a spring collection of sorts. I decided I wanted four pastel-ish colors with subtle shimmer, and I made a pink, a peachy orange, a green, and a blue. The shimmer was indeed quite subtle and my camera pretty much failed at capturing these colors, but here we go anyway. All of these pictures were taken indoors under artificial light.

First, we have the green. As far as cooperating with the camera, this one definitely gets first place - the picture is actually color-accurate, and though it's hard to see the shimmer, it is there in the picture if you click to enlarge it, and it's definitely there in real life. I used three coats of this one without top coat, and as you can see, it's nice and shiny on its own.

Now we have the orange, which in my opinion is the fail of the collection. The shimmer both gets lost in the polish and is present enough to give it a chunky, gloopy texture that doesn't completely level even with the two coats of polish and one coat of Seche Vite that I used in the picture. This one isn't completely color-accurate, either; it's more orange and intensely colored than the picture shows.

This pink, on the other hand, is quite the success in my opinion. It's a bit more salmony than in the picture and the gold shimmer is more evident in real life. I used two coats without top coat in the picture.

*sigh* This's very pretty in real life, but it just refused to cooperate with my camera. Think more dusty periwinkle, and the shimmer in considerably more evident in real life. I used three coats without top coat.

I haven't named any of them yet (I am also clearly bad about naming my frankens in a timely fashion), so I'm asking all of you for some help. I don't like any of the names I've come up with so far, so if you have any ideas please leave them in the comments. Thanks, and again, have a very happy Easter!


  1. I am in love with the blue's so pretty!

  2. Nice color set. I remember my first "set" - it was a set of foils. I struggled with the names too. lol. Only name suggestions I could think of was flowers (to keep with the "set" theme). Okay, green=Zinnia; peachy/orange=Tulip; pink=Astor; blue=Cornflower. Ya, they aren't winners (I suck with naming my colors too) but its something to think on anywhiddle. Sounds like you got home safely and thats good too!

  3. Thank you! It's not as bright as it looks in my picture, but I do think it's pretty.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. I soooo love the green and the blue ones!Amazing frankens Zara!
    They could be:
    Pearfect for the green,
    Peachful for the orange,
    Pomakemehappy for the pink and
    Blueberrydust for the blue

    (Chris went for flowers, I go for fruit!)

    Happy Easter :)

  6. Thank you, and thanks for the suggestions!

  7. all the colors are absolutely gorgeous! but definitely drooling over the blue!!

  8. Thank you! I think the blue is my favorite, too.