Sunday, May 22, 2011

Franken: Before the Rainbow

"Children’s brain tumors require specific research and different treatments." - Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Very quick post today - I thought I'd get this up before now, but I was busy all day either cooking or getting ready to cook. Before the Rainbow is a franken I made a while back using Zoya Kelly, Love My Nails Angel Baby (the glitter), and some other polishes that I didn't write down and don't remember. I haven't worn it till now for some reason, and I really like the way it looks on the nail. This was three coats.

indoors, artificial light

What do you think? Like I said, short post. :) Good night!


  1. i love it! the glitter is so subtle, and i love the colors of the glitter. awesome job!

  2. That's very pretty! I love your franken posts!

  3. Thank you! There should be more franken posts after brain tumor awareness month, because I have a bunch that I haven't worn yet.

  4. I love it. It really captures the hint of beauty moment before a rainbow. Well done!

  5. Thank you! I labored over the name for quite a while, so I'm glad you like