Monday, September 13, 2010

Geometry Time!

Not geometry as in math class...geometry is my least favorite part of math, and that's saying something. However, I do like to play around with geometry on my nails, which is what I did yesterday, and I'm really loving the manicure so far. I used Zoya Robyn for the blue (probably my favorite blue...I will have to review it on here at some point) and a Sally Hansen nail art pen in white (thank you Emily of Nail Junkie!) for the designs. However, I had a strange experience with the nail art pen - I've used the gold pen, and never had any problems, but the white cracked when I put top coat on it. :( I added a little bit of white polish over the cracks and applied more top coat, but I don't feel like that should be necessary. Is it just my top coat (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri), or have others experienced this too? Anyway, sorry for the long-winded intro. Voila!

right hand - artificial light
right hand - shade
right hand - sunlight
left hand - artificial light
left hand - shade
left hand - sunlight

So what do you think? The difference between the sunlight and shade pictures is kind of negligible...I was catching the very end of the sunlight. I love fall and winter, but I am now experiencing the frustration of nail bloggers everywhere - earlier sunsets! The cooler weather is totally worth it, though. Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!


  1. This must be a sign because I may or may not be avoiding finishing my geometry homework right now haha! I love Robyn, its so gorgeous! Well, off to do math :(

  2. Like your designs, I haven't used any of the nail art pens so I'm not sure?

  3. Kathleen- Haha, good luck with your geometry! :)

    Freshie- Thanks! I don't know whether to hope it's my top coat or the pen...

    ABOP- I'm glad! :)

  4. I love doing geometric designs on my nails. Geometry was my favourite math class, normally I hate math. Its probably because I had an awesome teacher though.

  5. Serena- It does help to have a great teacher! Unfortunately, it works the opposite way too, and my geometry teacher was not the best by any means. :(