Sunday, September 26, 2010

NYC Empire State Blue

Today I have for you New York Color Empire State Blue. It's a bright blue with gold shimmer, and while the wear is not that great, it's a gorgeous color. At first, I was afraid it would be too sheer, but it's perfectly opaque in three coats. Click on the pictures to enlarge - it's a lot easier to see the beautiful gold shimmer!

 outside, clouds
inside, artificial light

See that chip? Yeah...I applied this Friday night, took these pictures this morning, and that chip already has several friends. Wear isn't a huge deal for me since I change my polish often, but it would be nice if I could go two full days without chipping. I'm starting to think maybe it's my top coat, though. I've been using up the last dregs of my bottle of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, and I've had to add quite a bit of thinner to keep it from being super-gloopy. Does thinner ever affect the lasting power of top coat? It doesn't seem like it would, but my last several manis have not had good wear.

I only have two NYC polishes, one of which I've had for about four years now, but Empire State Blue is making me wonder why that is. NYC products in general are cheap, and while I've never used anything but their polish, both of those have been good quality, and they seem to have some nice colors...I have a feeling this will not be my last NYC polish. :) Have a great (short) rest of the weekend!


  1. I see what you mean. Its a great color but I hate it when a polish I like chips within the first 10 hours. :P blah! I love some of the colors from this brand for frankening...oddly when I mix it with other brands, it doesn't chip. yay!

  2. this one is really nice, it reminds me of Sally Hansen's Calypso Blue

  3. I have been getting into cheap brands too (Pure Ice, NYC, Sinful, etc.) because I haven't had a lot of extra spending money. I saw some gorgeous Pure Ice polishes at Wal Mart today. Too bad about the wear on this one, it is pretty though. I'm using Insta-Dri too and have noticed once it gets closer to the end it doesn't work as well. I wish I could find a perfect quick dry topcoat..

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous color! Sucks that it chips, though :/

  5. Such a pretty colour. I am getting into blue colours lately :)

  6. Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes- Yeahhh...I do change my polish often, but not every ten hours. Most of the time. :) I hadn't thought of frankening with NYC, but they seem like they'd be a good choice - I prefer frankening with cheap polishes because I can usually buy multiple bottles.

    Twister- Thanks!

    Danielle- I don't have Calypso Blue, but from the swatches I've seen they look similar.

    Serena- Oh, I love my cheap nail polish brands, especially Sinful glitters. As for a quick-dry top coat, I'd recommend trying Rush, which you can get at Sally Beauty. I got it when my Insta-Dri got close to the bottom of the bottle, and I'm liking it better than Insta-Dri so far. It's also very cheap - $5 for 30 mL!

    Aurora's Nails- Yeah...ah well. *sigh* :)

    Cel- Thanks! I love blue. :)