Friday, February 11, 2011

Color Club Regatta Red

Color Club Regatta Red, from the Rebel Debutante collection (EDIT: My bad! Alison kindly corrected me - this is not from the Rebel Debutante collection. I believe it's actually from the Yacht Club collection.), is a bright medium red that leans a bit pink. While it's not my favorite kind of red, I do like it and am glad to have it in my collection. This was two coats without top coat, and the application was very easy, like all the other Color Club polishes I've tried.

indoors, artificial light

That's all I have for today...I'm not feeling my best, and I really ought to be spending my energy doing schoolwork (even though it's a snow day) rather than blogging. TGIF!


  1. I want this polish just for the name! Haha. Just because I could wear it when I volunteer during the summer and help run a couple regattas. :P

  2. That's very pretty but it's not from the Rebel Debutante collection. It must be from an older collection.

  3. Really? I read that it was from that collection...somewhere...anyway,
    thanks! I'll edit it and correct my mistake.

  4. Haha, that would be fun! I always like wearing polishes that are related to
    what I'm doing like that, even if I'm the only one that knows it. :)