Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kelier Nail Crack Polish in Blue

It sure took me a loooong time to post this after my review of the pink Kelier crackle, didn't it? I have no excuse...but here it is now! It didn't take me nearly as long to apply this as it did the pink, because I had already figured out how best to apply this kind of crackle polish. This is one coat over two coats of Icing Mint 2 Be.

indoors, artificial light

Like the pink crackle, this takes a while to crack and looks a bit streaky if you don't apply it well (like me). However, I still prefer this crackle pattern to that of OPI Black Shatter and the China Glaze crackles. You can buy these crackle polishes from Born Pretty for $3.67 a bottle, and international shipping is free, which is a huge plus for me. 

I was lucky enough to find an old white crackle (Ghost) from Cover Girl yesterday at the Dollar Tree (among other things), and it looks like it'll have the same kind of crackle as these, so I'm anxious to see how it applies compared to the Kelier crackles.

*This product was provided to me for an honest review.


  1. I LOVE it in blue! And I agree even if it takes longer I like this pattern the best!

  2. The crackle is fine, that's nice. :)

  3. I prefer it in blue, too...I can't wait to try it out over a bright orange,
    yellow or green!