Saturday, May 4, 2013

Zoya Destiny

Can we spend a moment admiring how gorgeous Zoya Destiny is?

Yeahhhh...look at that beauty. Unfortunately it was cloudy the day I wore this AND the lamp I use with my lightbox broke, so cloudy pics it was - but Destiny looks just as pretty nonetheless! I used two coats here, and application was super easy. I haven't tried all the other summer PixieDust polishes, but this one is shaping up to be my favorite. So pretty!

Yep. There it is. And these pictures don't do Destiny justice at all (and neither does the name Destiny...cheesy, Zoya, cheesy).

P.S. This will likely be my very last blog post as a teenager, since my 20th birthday is on Monday! Hm, I might have to do a birthday giveaway...if I can find time to think of something in the midst of finals and paper-writing, that is.

Zoya Destiny was sent to me for honest review.

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