Saturday, November 27, 2010

BB Couture Sex on the Beach

Today I wore one of the BB Couture polishes that I received yesterday, Sex on the Beach. On one hand, I kind of like the name of this polish, simply because it is a very sexy red. On the other hand, people sometimes ask what nail polish I'm wearing, and I'd be a bit hesitant to say, "Oh, it's Sex on the Beach!" Um. Yeah. Anyway, it is a very pretty red. It's not opaque - I used four coats, and I still had a little VNL - but it's not too noticeable, so I don't mind much.

indoors, artificial light

Oh, and guess what? The sun was shining today, so I went outside and took some pictures in the sun and in the shade...and then tonight, when I got home again, I realized that I had taken those pictures without the memory card in the camera, so I have no way of getting the pictures to my computer. Oops. I've done this before, and you'd think I would learn, but I guess not. Also, I should note that while the microglitter looks a bit rough and grainy in my photos, it's quite smooth in real life as long as you use one coat of top coat. That's all for tonight...I have a college essay to write!


  1. This one is pretty!
    I'm hesitant to put it on my wishlist though, cuz it's red.

    Also, about the pictures, have you tried putting the memory card into the camera, switching to internal memory, and then copying the pictures to the memory card? My mom is really forgetful and always forgets to use a memory card. She eventually remembers, but we always use that method to get the pictures out of the internal memory.

  2. ChaosButterfly- Thanks! It's a very NICE red, I promise. :) And thanks for the tip, but my camera's too old. It can't do that. :(

  3. I still need to get the whole cantina nights collection. I loved the whole collection

  4. Scandalous- I didn't think I absolutely had to have any of them, but now that I do have a few, I'm in love!