Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nutra Nail Thickener with Green Tea

I've been using Nutra Nail Thickener with Green Tea for two weeks now, so I figured it was time to do a proper review. Here's a picture to show how much I've used (and so this post isn't one huge, boring block of text):

On the back of the package, it says that "Nutra Nail Thickener glides on to create a clear bond that thickens your nails for maximum breakage resistance. It has molecules that actually fuse with your nails' surface to create layers of protection and smooth out ridges." Also on the back of the package, it says that the product will result in: "Stronger, thicker, ridge-free nails that resist peeling, breaking and splitting. Nails look so smooth and shiny, you can feel confident to flaunt them with or without polish! Guaranteed!" Sounds great, right? I'm not quite sure how best to review a treatment product as opposed to "regular" nail polish, so I thought I'd evaluate each claim on the package, one at a time.

First of all, "maximum breakage resistance"...nah. I will say that my nails have broken and peeled noticeably less over the past two weeks than they usually do, but as you know if you've read my previous few posts, my thumbnail did break, and a few of my nails have peelies. This didn't really surprise me, though - I didn't expect this to be a miracle product, and I'm pretty happy with the strength this polish has provided.

As I don't have enough ridges to feel that a ridge-filling polish is necessary, I can't properly evaluate the ridge-filling claim of Nutra Nail Thickener. However, I will say that it has covered most of the minor imperfections on my nails, though I have a couple big dents that still show up, as I expected them to. And the product does make my nails very shiny; if they weren't stained halfway from the top because of my own stupidity (I didn't use base coat ONCE - this is what happens, ladies), I'd feel perfectly comfortable going without polish for a bit.

All in all, while I'm perfectly content to use this base coat up until it's gone, I don't think I'd buy it again at this point. However, if I see a dramatic difference once more time has passed, I will definitely pass that information on!

NOTE: I found Ulta Silk Wrap Base Coat on clearance at Ulta (duh) today, and I think I'll be using it in conjunction with Nutra Nail. Or would you rather me use it on its own so I can do a proper review? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I tried one of nutra nail's strengtheners and wasn't that impressed. Its so funny how base coats, strengtheners/hardeners/etc, and top coats are affected by our own body chemistry. It definitely keeps us jumping as we look for that perfect marriage of products. :P

  2. I think it'd probably be better to do the silk wrap polish on its own, so that you can test how effective it is by itself before you combine it with another product. That's what I'd do, hehe. :)

    Thanks for reviewing this! I'm still looking for the perfect base coat to keep my nails from peeling, but this seems like one that I can be a little less curious about.

  3. my recommendation is nubar's nu nail!!!!!

    I didn't like nutra nails either !

  4. Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes- Yes, isn't that odd? And frustrating! :)

    Erin- You're probably right...and to be honest, I probably wouldn't have gotten this if it hadn't been on clearance.

    shortwidenails- I've heard many good things about Nu Nail, but I'm looking for something cheaper. I may end up with it in the end, though. :)