Thursday, November 18, 2010


I received two BO polishes, a green and a pink, from the Born Pretty Store, which is a fairly new online retailer for nail polish and nail art materials. I'd never heard of the brand before (though I think this might be it), and I have to say, it's a pretty unfortunate name. BO? Really? When I showed my mom the bottles, her response was, "Do they smell really bad?" Yes, actually, they do, but we'll get to that in a minute. When I first got the package, I swatched both polishes on an index card, and  they both seemed pretty sheer. However, when I applied the green, it was opaque in three coats! Surprise! I really like the color as well - it's a gorgeous glass-flecked green that I'd consider a younger cousin of Zoya Ivanka. Unfortunately, it does smell really bad, and I'm sure it's not big three free. But why, oh why does VNL sometimes show up in photos when you can't see it in real life? I assure you, this polish is completely opaque even when I hold my hand right up next to my face...but the photos show VNL. *sigh* This is three coats:

indoors, artificial light

One thing I noticed about the BO bottles is that they're pretty obviously trying to imitate OPI. The bottle size and shape is completely different, but take a look at the front, back, and bottom of the bottle:

Um...look familiar, anyone? I'm not sure whether it's legal for them to imitate OPI so blatantly or not, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I do think it's kind of lame, but...I don't know. I'm still suffering from my kidney stones even though the doctor says I should be fine by now, so I can't really think clearly. What do you think?


  1. lol before reading any further, once i saw the bottle I immediately saw OPI. pretty colour though

  2. Danielle- Haha, I'm pretty sure that'd be the reaction of anyone who's remotely familiar with OPI. :)

  3. hmm...doesn't the sticker BELONG on an OPI bottle?...i clearly says "OPIProducts Inc"...and is that supposed to be the sticker for the "Original Nail Envy"??

  4. Hmmm.. That is a wee bit strange - especially since the sticker says 'OPI products', but hey - to each their own (:

    Sorry to hear about the kidney stone problem! I hope that clears up asap!!

  5. Pretty color but the bottle sticker on the bottom makes no sense to me? Is it a knock off or an actual OPI that didn't make the cut or an OPI "off" the brand? Very confusing.

  6. polishedchibita- If you look closely, it actually says "OPIPRDCTS"...who knows.

    Delaynee- Haha, thank you!

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes- I would say it's a knockoff. But I don't know for sure, obviously.