Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Franken

I made this franken in mid-October. I had decided I really wanted an orange that was the color of pumpkin pie, and I just couldn't find one, either in my collection or anywhere else. Of course, a franken was the answer, and this is what I came up with. I don't know what my ratios were, but I used Rimmel Black Satin, OPI Comet Loves Cupid, Sally Hansen Lightening, Orly Old School Orange, Nina Ultra Pro Like Butta, and Sally Hansen Sun Kissed. I wore it yesterday and am still wearing it today - I haven't even added anything yet! I've tentatively named it Pumpkin Latte, but I don't totally love that name...please let me know if you have ideas!

indoors, artificial light

What do you think? Does it look pumpkin pie-like? This was two coats of surprisingly easy application. Because my frankens are usually made up of several different brands of polish, I don't really expect the formula to turn out well, but this one did! Let's just hope it stays that way. I planned on adding Hidden Treasure to this, but my middle fingernail has now chipped, so I'll be moving on to something else.

In other news...happy Black Friday! I didn't go shopping - well, I did go to Walmart briefly and pine over the Canon SX130 IS, which is on sale, but I don't have $200, so I didn't actually buy anything. However, I did get some goodies in the mail today!

 BB Couture Sex on the Beach, Pina Colada, Grasshopper, Hangover Blues, and Blue Bahama from the Cantina Nights Collection
Nail Fraud in leopard print and a nail file

I won the BB Couture polishes as part of a Painted Lady Fingers giveaway, and I also won the Nail Fraud stuff ...but I can't remember what giveaway they were from. Maybe the Magic Maid 1000 Followers one? I swear, my mind is like a sieve sometimes. That's all for today; I hope those of you in the U.S. had a good Thanksgiving, and that everyone else had a good week!


  1. Nice haul you got there.

    I really love the franken color you came up with, it's def. reminiscent of Pumpkin Pie! Yum!

  2. That franken definitely looks like pumpkin pie. I'd probably just call it Pumpkin, because I'm not creative at all. ;)

  3. very nice franken, its the perfect muted orange for fall :)

  4. Gina- Thanks, and thanks! :)

    Penny- Haha, thank you! Sometimes I come up with the perfect name for a franken in a heartbeat, but most of the time I'm just blank and end up with a rather lame name. :)

    Danielle- Thank you!

    ABOP- Thanks, I'm glad!

  5. love the nail frauds, and it does count:)

  6. it does look the color of pumpkin pie --- ooh oooh you got grasshopper

  7. I love it! Definitely looks pumpkin'y. Sorry you can't enter my giveaway =*(, I just wanted to deter any of the much younger ladies I've seen on the blogs, plus you never know the legalities!

  8. my leetle nails- Thank you! I'm glad to hear it. :)

    peripatetic33- Good, I'm glad! I'm really excited to try Grasshopper.

    Freshie- Thank you! And that's okay about the giveaway, I completely understand.

  9. Love the franken and I think the name Pumpkin Latte is cute and fits.

    I was wondering what happened to Magic Maid's giveaways and who won. She had like a billion of them going, and I don't think she ever announced winners, or did she and I missed it?

  10. Donna- Thanks! I don't think she ever announced winners, either...I actually went on her blog and looked to see who had won the Nail Fraud stuff, and I couldn't find anything that said who it was. Maybe we both missed it?