Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3: Yellow

I find it kind of funny that today's color is yellow, and it's rainy and gloomy outside. I don't particularly mind the weather, though - in fact, I tend to enjoy weather that most people consider miserable (rain, snow, general cloudiness and muckiness) and dislike weather that most people enjoy (days involving heat)...but that's beside the point. For today's yellow, I continued the crackle theme (at this rate, I think I might as well give up and call it crackle week, because I'm planning on doing a green crackle tomorrow) with Seventeen 1006, a yellow crackle, layered on top of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue (no top coat). By the way, if you don't have Pacific Blue and you live somewhere where they sell Sally Hansen, what are you doing?! It's a fantastic color and I can't praise it enough. Anyway, here's my sunny manicure on a not-so-sunny day:

natural light

By the way, I retouched my hangnail again today. It's much better, but still slightly icky - in fact, that's why I also have a rather ungodly amount of cuticle gap. I'm trying to avoid aggravating it with polish remover as much as possible. Anyway, I'm off to class now - have a great day, and remember, it's almost Friday!

Here are some of my fellow bloggers doing the challenge (for those who have already posted for today, I linked to their post; for the others, I linked to their main page):

P.S. In case you were wondering, I'm holding my umbrella in the photo. :)


  1. ooh yellow over blue. how cute. 

  2. Thank you! If I added red in there, I'd feel like I was back in kindergarten. :)

  3. This is really cute! And you are so right about SH Pacific Blue. It is a must-have! thanks for your nice blog!