Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5: Blue - Wet 'n' Wild Believe Me, It's Real

Sorry for the late post today! I've been working almost all day, so I didn't get around to writing a post until now. I had a hard time choosing a nail polish for today - I was waffling for quite a while between this and China Glaze First Mate, which I still haven't tried for some reason. In the end, I decided on Believe Me, It's Real because, well...glitter. :P In case you didn't know, Believe Me, It's Real is from the most recent Wet 'n' Wild Coloricon collection, which is composed of amazing (and cheap) glitters. It's a clear-based polish with fine blue glitter and medium round purple glitter. Here, I used one thick coat over a coat of Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme.

 direct sunlight
natural light

For some reason, I couldn't really capture the vividness of this polish, no matter how hard I tried. The purple is more reddish than it looks in my photos, and the blue is more vivid and bright. I played around with the white balance, lighting, and saturation until I was starting to go a bit nuts about it, but no dice. Makeup Withdrawal's post on the collection is more color-accurate on this one. It's a lovely polish, though, and I hope Wet 'n' Wild continues to come out with collections as fantastic as this one.


  1. very pretty! I like the purple glitters among the blue base!

  2. These are definitely my new loves! This looks divine on you!

  3. Thank you! I wish you could see how much better it looks in real life.

  4. It's gorgeous, I'm sad my Walgreens sucks and didn't have this collection.

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