Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blogs of the Week

I completely and entirely forgot to do this last week. Oops. Anyway, here are some new and new-to-me nail and nail-related blogs that I enjoy and would recommend:

Clever and Colorful
Lorraine Nails
Pazurkowy pamietnik (I can't understand Polish, but I like to look at the pictures!)
Addicted to Nail Polish
Ali's Nail News
Portrait of Mai
Nailgirl's Niche
Pure Polish
Caviar Dreams on a Cheese and Cracker Budget
Colors and Paws
Blushing Noir
Nail Scrapbook
Yesterday's Nail



  1. Sweet! I will check them out ;)

  2. Kathleen- You're very welcome!

    Tasha- I hope you enjoy them.

  3. Thank you very much :)
    I know few words in English, that's why my blog is only in Polish, but you can use a google translator to understand something :)

  4. Kasiuchetka- I do use Google Translate sometimes, but sometimes I don't think it helps that much. :)

  5. Hi Zara! love your blog! I have a new blog that everyone should check out too!

    Hope you all enjoy it!!!

  6. Tara- Thanks! I'll add you to my list for next week.

    Janna- You're very welcome!

  7. Thanks for adding me to this list! :-)

  8. Ali's Nail News- You're welcome!

  9. Thank you for to find new ones to read!

  10. Thanks for this thoughtful blog post. I've added some great new blogs to my blogroll and found some cool new polish people/bloggers. I love this!

  11. Thank you for the mention! I somehow managed to miss this post in my followers list and I want to say thanks for commenting on a lot of my posts :)

  12. Aurora's Nails- You're very welcome! I'm glad this kind of post is helpful.

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes- You're welcome - I've found a LOT of new nail blogs through other bloggers doing stuff like this. I think it's great.

    Mai- Oh, you're welcome! I won't be commenting as much now since I'm starting school Thursday, but I will still try to as much as possible.