Monday, August 9, 2010

OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui + China Glaze Golden Enchantment

Today I painted my nails with OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, then used Golden Enchantment to create a gradient mani. If you're interested, the tutorial I found is here. Unfortunately, I was in a rush to get to my high school and help one of my teachers clean out her room, so I didn't have time to do any clean-up, and then I chipped my nails while cleaning. Anyway, I hope you can get the general idea.

indoors, artificial light
outdoors, shade

For some reason, I could not get my camera to capture the color of Suzi Says Feng Shui. It's a darker, more dusty blue than it appears here. This was my first gradient mani, and I was reasonably pleased. The only problem was that the multiple coats of Golden Enchantment made my polish quite thick at the tips and got pushed back, causing a small gap at the tips. However, I liked the effect the gradient created and I will definitely be trying this again.


  1. That's very pretty! I love blue and gold together. Looks good!

  2. I love this combo! I might have to try a gradient mani!

  3. Martje- I'm glad you like it!

    StardustStephanie- Thanks! I love blue and gold, too. :)

    AggiePigeon- Thanks!

    Smita- Thanks, I would definitely recommend it! It's quite easy, but it ends up looking nice and fancy. :)

  4. I was just thinking I wanted to try one of these but I have no idea what colours to use. Yours looks great!

  5. This looks really really good!And Suzi's real color IS hard to capture!Love the combination you did! :D

  6. Serena- Thanks! Just go for it; if it doesn't work you can always take it off and try again. :)

    Ria- Thanks! I'm glad it's not just my camera.

  7. It looks great! You did a great job :D

  8. did you sponge this on? the top glittery parts look so fancy!

  9. theartofnails- Thanks!

    Nail Junkie- Nope, I just painted it in small intervals. :)

  10. I like it. It reminds me of the beach...and Sweden....LOL must be the colors..the gold kind of looks a little yellow on my screen...LOL .

    Nice job as always.:)

    And you helped a teacher to clean their room?? Wow you are such a good girl. ;)

    Have a great Tuesday!


  11. I looooooooooooooove it!!!

  12. Alexisaurus- Thanks!

    Inga- It looked a bit yellow on my nails, too, but I liked it...the Sweden and beach references were not intentional, but I'm definitely seeing it now! :) As for helping the teacher, it added to my service hours, which I need for a couple different organizations. So I'm not THAT good. :D

    Gabby- Thanks, I'm glad!

  13. Awww, girl. I'm sorry you chipped your nails. Because they sure look beautiful outdoors in the shade!




  14. Zabrinah- That's okay! They're not too bad, I just had to file and buff them a little. :) Thanks for commenting!

    Aurora's Nails- Thanks!

  15. What a great (and pretty) combination! I still haven't tried a gradient yet... maybe soon.

  16. ABOP- Thanks! I would definitely recommend trying it.