Saturday, August 14, 2010

Domestic Goddess In the Spotlight

Very brief post again tonight...sorry, everyone, but I've been away from the house more than I expected today and actually got back when I was planning to go to bed. Obviously that didn't work out. Today I added Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear In the Spotlight glitter top coat over yesterday's $OPI matte mani. Aside from anything else, I like this layering combination because the names fit together really well. :)

indoors, artificial light
outdoors, cloudy

The sun was just not on my side today, so no sunlight pics, but I think you get the idea - In the Spotlight is a very straightforward holo silver bar glitter. The pictures are color accurate. Until tomorrow, when I will hopefully have time to do a "proper" post!


  1. I've been ogling "In the Spotlight" for ages, wondering how dense the glitter actually is. Looks like it's just the right amount to avoid the hairy-nail look. :) I love it over the purple!

  2. Hi! Nice blog you got there :)
    I'm a follower now!

    Maybe you can check my blog out as well and become a follower?

  3. Oh your nails look yummy....LOL reminds me of cupcakes....LOL I had no idea there were glitter like that available in a nail polish bottle. Just amazing. Like I said previously....I've learned soooo much by reading your blog. :)


  4. Pam- Haha, I've never heard of the "hairy-nail" definitely sounds like something I'd want to avoid, though! :D

    Tessa- Thanks for following! I will take a look look at your blog.

    Inga- Now you've got me wanting cupcakes! :) I'm glad you've learned something from my little blog. :) Have a great Sunday!

  5. This was a short post, but I loved it!!!!!!! Your nails look like confetti, dear!



  6. Re: "hairy" nails -- When I was really little I had bar glitter polish and would always put on like 6 coats, with the glitter sticking off the edge of the nail. And then it looked like my nails had hair or something stuck all over them! Not a look I'm eager to repeat.

    Also, only sort of related, once I tried a base coat with nylon fibers in it. Maybe they were supposed to strengthen the nail, but all the little bits of thread? fiber? whatever they were just stuck out all over the nail and looked just like hair. Spectacularly odd!

  7. Zabrinah- Thanks, and I'm glad you liked it!

    Pam- Eurgh, that does sound strange! Maybe it'd be okay for some sort of bizarre Halloween costume...metallic Yeti, maybe? :)

    Lily nail- Thanks!

  8. I really like In the Spotlight but it's hard to use with any stamping because it draws away from the image.

  9. Freshie- I've never tried stamping, but I'm sure that any glitter top coat would be difficult to use with would just be too busy, I think.

  10. Aurora's Nails- Haha, thanks! I like it too.