Monday, August 2, 2010

Sula Paint and Peel Moss

I picked up this polish from the clearance shelf at Ulta. I'd never heard of the brand before, but a short-wearing polish that you can just peel off when you're done appealed to me, as did the color. I applied Moss last night, and twelve hours later, after showering and getting ready, here's what it looked like:

 inside, artificial light
 outside, shade
 outside, sunlight

I know it doesn't look bad in the small pictures, but if you click to enlarge, you'll see that the polish is dented and there is substantial tipwear. This wasn't really unexpected, as the polish is meant to be short-wearing: on the bottle, it says, "For extended wear, layer with permanent base and top coat." However, I was a little disappointed because I expected it to last me one day, and it fell far short. Removal, though, was a piece of cake.

I wish all nail polish did this! Every single one peeled right off, leaving no residue or staining whatsoever. While I don't like the idea of buying a special top coat just so a polish works right, I may buy the Sula Paint and Peel permanent top coat, which makes the polish last longer while still allowing it to peel off.

That said, I do really like the color of Moss - it's quite a bit darker on the nail in the bottle, and it's darker than it appears in my pictures. In some lights, it looks almost black, and I think it may be close to OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, but I don't have that so I can't know for sure. At any rate, I think the idea of Paint and Peel is really fun, and I will probably be buying more of these polishes if I can find them despite the despicable wear time.


  1. Love that color! I've seen these and passed them up only because I know I would peel them off as SOON as they dried...I have to stop myself from picking chipped polish. But they DO have fun colors...who yeah I might crack and buy one haha.

  2. That is the most genius thing EVER! Wow I agree I wish all polish did that! I would love to try that!

  3. That looks like SO much fun. I would paint it all over lots of things and have a ball peeling it off. :D Haha! It also looks like it would be very gentle on your doesn't dry them out, right?

  4. oh, I had a similar one ages ago, it stained my nails so badly, haha

  5. Aurora's Nails- Haha, it is really tempting! You could always apply regular top coat on top, though; then I don't think it would peel.

    Smita- I know, isn't it great? :)

    Pam- It's a water-based polish, so it just sits on top of the nails and doesn't dry them out like regular polish.

    amusedPolish- Oh no! These aren't supposed to stain, and they didn't for me...was what you tried from Sula or another brand?

  6. Thanks for the review--very helpful!

  7. hey, if you really do want all of your polishes to do this just go get Orly Tough Cookie as a base, I swear everything I've tried with it does the same exact thing! *begin sarcasm* It's kinda cool on nail art nails though cause you get your whole nail art design off in one nail-shaped thingey! Hey, why not save them and glue them to some false nails and re-use?! *end sarcasm*

  8. This sounds great! I'm ALWAYS trying to peel my nail polish off!

    I'm now a follower =]

  9. I saw those and should have at least picked one up to try. It's pretty cool when done just peel off. Love the dark green :)

  10. KarenD- You're welcome, and thanks for commenting!

    AggiePigeon- Haha, I will keep that in mind. :)

    lily nail- I know, right?!

    Veronica- Me too...I get one chip and then it all has to come off, whether I've got remover on me or not. :D Thanks for following!

    rmcandlelight- I would definitely recommend them. Maybe if you go back they will still be there? I know I'd go back and get more, except the nearest Ulta is three hours away. :)

  11. Peel off polish..weird, but cool. It's cool it doesn't nails are embarrassingly yellow.

  12. That is so cool! I often find myself wishing I could remove my polish this way. I saw these at ULTA but chickened out of buying them because I was worried about the wear on these. After reading your review though, I think I'll abandon my concerns and go get them anyway. Thanks!

  13. Serena- Mine are too..yuck.

    Mari- You're welcome! I really wish I could get more.

  14. Woah. I am amazed at the peeling off. I just keep staring at it.

    It's like, so high-tech. Peeling instead of chipping. I love the concept so much.


  15. LOL, yup that's what happened to my sula paint and peel.

    and you know, i waited 3 hours!

  16. I loooooove the color. And man, is it for can just peel it off. I don't get's meant to do that? I would want that on my toe nails...I think it would look so cool. But shoot it would probably come off if you hit something. Do you paint your toe nails?? Ha ha stupid question I'm sure.

    Thanks for your nice comments as usual. You're so sweet. And the English lesson. :)


  17. Really nice shade of green.:) And I love the idea of a polish that just peels off when you don't want to wear it any more! I would LOVE it if, as you said, all polishes would do that...but only if they were a little longer-wearing for the times when I actually want to keep my polish on for a few days.

    Thanks for the great review, as usual! :)

  18. Zabrinah- Yeah it is kind of amazing! :) I could probably be entertained all day by just painting my nails and then peeling them off. :)

    milan and vanaily- Haha, that's pretty impressive!

    Inga- I do paint my toenails, but not nearly as often as my fingernails. And you're welcome; thanks for your comments! :)

    lily- Yeah, I wish it was longer-wear...I guess you need the Paint & Peel topcoat for that.

  19. lol @aggiepigeon the same thing happens to me whenever I would use Nailtek Foundation II

    I also picked this one up at Ulta on clearance and was disappointed with how long it last! I needed a few coats of layering on the polish because mine applied pretty light and the color looked yucky! I would also probably compare it to Orly Forest

  20. OH MY POLISH!- Yeah, I needed several coats as well...forgot to mention that. Oops.

  21. Simple Beauty- Thanks, I think so too!