Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Orly Happily Ever After

Orly Happily Ever After is from the Once Upon a Time collection from fall 2009. It's a dark reddish purple plum color with a very, very hidden pink shimmer - in most lights, it looks like a creme, so that's what I'm calling it. This is two coats with top coat, and I used a butterfly sticker from the Nailene Bedazzle pack* on my index finger. For some reason I completely forgot to get an indoor picture, though I did get an indoor bottle shot to show how the shimmer looks in the bottle!

indoors, artificial light
outdoors, sunlight
outdoors, shade

That last picture is definitely the accurate one. While the polish does look more red in the sunlight, it is definitely not that red. While I wish the shimmer was more evident, it's still very pretty and a great fall color, and maybe it will make me feel a little better about not yet getting my hands on any current fall collections. Maybe next week when I'm out of town I'll be able to find some...here's hoping!
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  1. Wow, I like this one! I like hidden shimmers. And the decal makes it even nicer!

  2. Pretty! So gorgeous in the sunlight!


  3. Aurora's Nails- Thanks! I wish the shimmer was more obvious, but I still think it's very pretty.

    Zabrinah- Thanks! I agree. :)

  4. I like a lot of Orly's colors because you can't give them a one word description like this one. I also love the butterfly accent nail. Gorgeous mani.

  5. I absolutely love this colour, in fact I love every colour in The Fairytale Collection. This is just stunning though...why do I not own it?!?!? *Mental note - must buy this soon!*

  6. This is really really pretty! If you have something like a CND effect maybe swipe a layer on and it'll feel like the shimmer is more prominent :)

  7. This looks so nice!!! I want to see your Orly Plastix swatches!!

  8. I've never tried Orly, I don't really know why lol. hidden shimmers are my fave!

  9. i have this color and i love it !!

  10. beautiful on you!
    still not sure if I should get this color, I'm torn inbetween...

  11. Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes- I agree. I like colors that you can't easily define, and I think Orly has plenty.

    Tilly- If you are going to buy it, hurry, because it was on the clearance table at Sally's, which I think means it's not going to be available anymore...I could be wrong though.

    Jana- Good idea! I don't have any CND polishes, but I do have several glitter top coats.

    Smita- Thanks! Retro Red is coming up tomorrow, then Enchanted Forest, then Old School Orange. I'm alternating between the collections instead of doing them all in a row...I feel like it's more interesting that way. :)

    Jeanelle- I can't think of any sensible reason not to! :) You should definitely try some, especially since they're so reasonably priced.

    Lily nail- I'm glad to hear it! :)

    Trincess- Oh you should. I'll decide for you, because I have that kind of authority...kidding. ;)

  12. I love I love....I love the outdoors shade look.
    It's funny because I was outside picking up some plums in the yard today that had fallen from the neighbors tree. LOL Exactly that color too.

    Your writing is so cool too. Just enjoy reading your posts. :)



  13. Inga- Ooh, I love plums. :) And thank you...I really enjoy writing, so I'm glad people enjoy reading it. :)