Friday, August 6, 2010

How to Paint Your Nails

Inga of The Original Swedish Blonde requested that I post a tutorial on how I paint my nails. I tried to do this both in pictures and in video, and haven't come up with anything that I'm satisfied with. However, I realized (belatedly) that I don't really need to do a tutorial myself, as everything I do is based off another tutorial! I paint my nails following the Lacquerized how-to, which I find very helpful and easy to follow. For Inga and anyone else who might be wondering, I hope that helps!


  1. Zara, that was really cool. I see why your nails look so awesome all the time!


  2. Thanks for this! I hadn't seen it before, but it's cool.

  3. I use that tutorial too! She does a fantastic job at her tutorials!

  4. Zara, thank you thank you! What a great site!

    And thank you for trying so hard "for me". I am sorry, I did not want to waste your time.

    You're a one of a kind girl. :)



  5. Zabrinah- Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I think it's a great tutorial.

    Aurora's Nails- You're welcome!

    AggiePigeon- Yeah, she does - all of her tutorials are really great, in my opinion.

    Inga- You're very welcomd. And don't apologize, you didn't waste my time at all! :)

  6. Hey! I tagged you in a post! Check it out

  7. Smita- Thanks, I'll take a look!