Saturday, October 23, 2010

Incoco Passion

Yay for my 100th post! I can't believe I've already posted 100 times...insane.

I normally wouldn't buy Incoco dry nail appliqués for myself, simply because it's one manicure for the price of an entire bottle of nail polish (or more, depending on the brand). However, I received two in the Also Known As... Special K Giveaway, and I decided to try one out last night because I wanted to change my mani without waiting for it to dry. I chose Passion, a cherry red creme, and I didn't use base or top coat. Unfortunately, I only got one picture - I put this on last night long after the sun went down, left the house before the sun rose this morning, and got home at 10:00 P.M. I would have kept the polish on longer, but there was a very small chip on my right thumb (from my jacket zipper), and it was driving my nail polish OCD crazy.

indoors, artificial light

I was very pleasantly surprised with Incoco's ease of application. I had read that Incoco appliqués had a certain learning curve, but I didn't have any trouble. I did have two very small wrinkles - one on each of my middle fingers - but they weren't noticeable unless I looked very closely.  The strips all fit my nails well, and though I thought I might have trouble filing the ends off, I didn't have any problems at all. While I don't think I would use Incoco on a regular basis because of their price, I may keep a pack or two around for emergencies. Now if only all nail polish was sheet-print-proof! 


  1. Congrats with your 100th post!
    I'm not really into those appliqués, I think I prefer regualar nail polish :)
    I must say, this color is really pretty, and it looks great on you!

  2. Lois- I prefer regular polish as well, but I think these would be good in a pinch. They're really expensive, though, at least compared to a bottle of nail polish.

  3. you know how it is when you listen to what other people say!

    I heard that San Fransisco was amazingly easy to work with and look how that turned out;))

    awesome color!

  4. I'm so sorry you've been that sick. Here's wishing you good health now. I like the sticker and agree with you, I wouldn't buy these but to get them for free is a bonus. I don't think they'd fit my nailbeds as I have rather small ones so it would be such a waste for me. Lovely on you.

  5. I wish you'll be better soon!
    I think there are similar ones by Sephora for half the price.But the quality does seem a lot better...I prefer polish to this, because with polish you can go wild and if you do a mistake you start over.
    I do love the color though!

  6. my leetle nails- True, true. :)

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes- Thank you! If your nail beds are smaller than mine, these probably wouldn't fit you because the smallest one was just the right size for my pinkie. I think you can trim them down, though. Also, there were a couple that I accidentally applied crooked, and it was really easy to peel the extra off my skin.

    Ria- Thanks! I haven't seen the ones at Sephora...I'll keep my eyes open for them. And I prefer polish, too, for the same reasons. I don't think these are really suited to polish-holics. :)