Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Revlon Minted

54% of people believe depression is a personal weakness. (National Mental Health Association, 2004)

This statistic...I'm flabbergasted. Depression is a disease, not a character flaw, and evidently most people are not aware of that. My family has a history of depression. I know quite a few people who have suffered from depression. Still, I have grown up hearing people wonder why people can't just "get over" depression - like it's some kind of mood swing. It's not.

My first green polish for National Depression Awareness Month is Revlon Minted, which I've had for a while, but hadn't worn before for some reason. Now that I have worn it? Hm...I love the color, a light mint green, but the formula? Not so much. Minted was streaky and thick, and took three coats for opacity - not bad, but two would have been preferable, especially considering that it was a pain to apply.

indoors, artificial light
 outdoors, shade
outdoors, sunlight

The first two pictures are most accurate - Minted isn't quite as blue as it appears in the last picture. It is a very pretty color, but I remain kind of annoyed at the application. I thought Sally Hansen Lime Lights looked like it might go well with Minted, so I added a coat of that:

indoors, artificial light

I like it! Lime Lights is pretty much the same color as Minted, so it just turns the polish into a shimmery version of itself, which I quite like.

Minted is the only polish I've tried by Revlon, and now I'm a bit wary of trying any more - what experiences have you had with Revlon polishes?


  1. I have Minted and I agree - i love the colour, but the polsih tends to bubble a little bit. I have about 10 Revlon polishes and they are a bit hit and miss with texture, but they do do some really lovely colours! ... so I persevere!! x

  2. I don't like to call depression a disease...it indicates that it's (possibly) contagious and it indicates that it is curable. Some people suffer with depression all of their lives and use medication or healthy coping tools to live with the harder effects of depression. As much as I hate using the term mental illness...that is what it is best categorized as. :P Sorry...being a professional in the field of mental health makes me a bit weird on how its stated. Especially since the majority of our society sees it as a sign of personal weakness (which means it can be easily overcome by will-power) which you so (fabulously) stated to open this post. The use of simple words can carry great power where they shouldn't.

    I hope you don't see my little rant above as a negative thing. I'm grateful you are promoting green and I'm grateful you are promoting the meaning behind green. :) BTW, its a beautfiul color on you.

  3. Wow, I knew that lots of people felt that way about depression, but 54% is high! Hopefully attitudes are shifting. Thank you for calling attention to this serious issue!

    Minted is a pretty color. It's a bummer that the formula stinks :-(

  4. Very pretty color. Thanks for sharing the statistics very interesting.

  5. Suzume- I'm glad it's just not me...and I will probably persevere as well!

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes- I don't see your "rant" as a negative thing at all - on the contrary, I'm glad to hear the opinion of someone who works in the field. Now that I think on it, I agree; though not all "diseases" are curable (cancer, etc.), the word does give that connotation. And I don't really like the term "mental illness" either...we need to come up with something better! Thanks a lot for the comment. :)

    Playing With Polish- Yeah, the statistic shocked me too. I would have guessed it would be high, but not THAT high.

    Twister- Thank you, and you're welcome!

  6. I didn't know October was also National Depression Awareness Month. Thank you for spreading awareness. Regarding the word conundrum, I've read depression can be classified as a mood disorder.

    Minted is pretty, but Limelights really takes it to the next level! I wish the quality of Revlon polishes was more consistent (er, consistently good, of course).

  7. I love the very few Revlon polishes I own. No application problems at all. I have been debating Minted for quite a while now but I keep reading about the bad application. I think you convinced to pass on this one! Plus its not like I need more mint greens ;)

  8. Pam- I'm glad I'm letting people know that wouldn't have otherwise been aware. And thanks for the tip - "mood disorder" sounds more appropriate than "mental illness" or "disease." Regarding Revlon...hehe, I guess you can't call them inconsistent? :)

    Tasha- Well, it's good to hear that they don't all have bad formula! I will probably keep trying. :)

  9. Great layering! I haven't had any particular issues with Revlon's formula; pastel cremes tend to be a bit tricky no matter what the brand is.

  10. I haven't tried any Revlon so far.
    I'll agree with Chris that it is more of an illness than a disease.
    It can be caused by anomalies in the hormonal system or in the brain (eg.lack of production of endorphines, dopamine or their receptors in the brain).It can be treated and in some cases cured.
    I really love that you're supporting the Depression Awareness Cause.I have my nails pink and green, to combine BCA and DA.
    Can't wait to see more of your greens :)

  11. KarenD- Thanks! I know pastel cremes can be hard to work with, but after my pleasant experience with Essie Mint Candy Apple, I guess I just expected more.

    Ria- Thanks for your input! You will be seeing another green very soon...and it will be glittery. :)

  12. Revlon nailpolish is streaky and bubbles. Fugly bottle.
    Everyone gets the bubbles. Google it. I went back as far as January 2010 and I figured if they haven't improved their formula since then that Revlon just couldn't care less and has been doing this forever. 
    Revlon nailpolish=nail fungus.
    Thank goodness its just my nails...I'd hate to have the face fungus version of Revlon.