Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spotted: New (and Not-So-New) Collections

I made a trip to my local Walgreens today in an attempt to track down the new Sally Hansen collections or perhaps the little pumpkin-shaped bottles of glitter that have been popping up at drugstores around the country. While I didn't find any of those, there were several new displays. Some of them were new, some were new-ish, and some of them...well, the displays were new, but the collections themselves? Not so much.

 L'Oreal's summer collection, Passport to Paradise
 Sinful Colors Holiday 2010 collection
 Revlon's fall collection
 Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl Collection
 Maybelline Fall Fashion Week collection
Borghese Delizioso Collection

I actually hadn't heard of the Maybelline collection - has anyone else seen it in a store or on a blog? I actually managed not to get any of these, as I'm holding out for the Sally Hansens...I'm lobbying my mom for a trip to Walmart tomorrow, so we'll see what I find there!


  1. Mary at Body and Soul has swatches of the maybeline fashion week collection

  2. Oh, you're so lucky that your walgreens has the NOPI GG Collection...I've only ever seen it in Target, and not even in the Target near me. :(

    And the maybellines have been out....since I want to say summer. That's when I first noticed in August.

    I hope your trip to WalMart is successful!

  3. Twister- Oh, that's good to know! Thanks for the info.

    ChaosButterfly- I do feel lucky! I hope you find them near you soon. I don't know how I missed the Maybellines...they look really nice. Thanks!

  4. I've seen the Maybelline ones in the store but didn't pick any up. I too am eying some of the new Sally Hansens but I HATE the price.

  5. Gina- Oh, okay - obviously my Wags is the last one on the planet to get everything. :) And I totally agree with you on the Sally Hansens...I just don't feel like I should have to pay that much for a drugstore polish! Their Xtreme Wear line is more affordable, though, and have had great quality in my experience.

  6. Delizioso? Wow, I wonder where they've been hiding that; I first saw it around March, I think it was. Your Wags must have a similar approach to np as my CVS does--they just put out the Orly collection with Iron Butterfly a few weeks ago, and that was at Sally's last fall.

    The only two I picked up at first from Maybelline were the gray and the green, but I've since gotten the purple because I found it on clearance. The formula on them, I'm happy to say, is much better than the spring/summer ones, where I had a few yucky clumpy bottles.

  7. KarenD- I am continually puzzled by my Walgreens...I often have completely given up on getting my hands on a polish by the time it shows up, and other times they're out immediately. Who knows? I'm glad to hear the Maybelline formula is good; I was eyeing some of those, but I've never used Maybelline before so I was reluctant to try them.