Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sinful Colors San Francisco

I really thought I was not going to have time to post today, but voila! I'm literally doing this and going straight to bed - I want to be at least half awake for my first day back at school tomorrow. Blech. Today I wore Sinful Colors San Francisco, a green shimmer I got a mini bottle of in the Wild About Color pack. I couldn't really capture this green very well. This is the closest I got, and as you can see, the polish is the only remotely color-accurate thing in the picture...I do not have orange hands. This was two coats, and was surprisingly easy to apply for a mini.

indoors, artificial light

I really, really like this green, and I wish I could've gotten a picture where it actually looks like it does in real life. It's a gorgeous emerald green, and I have a feeling I'll be wearing it come March 17. Okay, I really have to go to bed now. Goodnight!

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