Monday, March 14, 2011

China Glaze Below Deck

China Glaze Below Deck was arguably the most anticipated color from the Anchors Away collection due to the fact that China Glaze touted it as a dupe for the infamous Channelesque, an immensely popular purple-grey creme that was discontinued some time ago. While Ange showed it isn't an exact dupe, I didn't want Below Deck for that reason, so I'm fine with that. Really, I have no preference between the colors, so I'm happy with Below Deck. It's a lovely color, and though I have several colors in the same family, I don't have any dupes.

indoors, artificial light
outdoors, shade
outdoors, sunlight

See how shiny that is? See my annoying reflections in the second picture? Yeah, that's without top coat. Below Deck is as glossy as any polish I own without top coat. I used two coats here due to two barely noticeable bald spots I had with one coat, but I'm sure that one coat would work in a pinch or for someone with better application skills than mine. Apologies for my clean-up fail, though - I didn't notice the bits of polish on my fingers until I was looking at the pics on my computer, by which time Below Deck had been removed. My mistakes don't detract from the beauty of Below Deck, fortunately...isn't she gorgeous? *sigh*

And here's another new nail blog I discovered in the past few days:
Nightly Nails


  1. Totally gorgeous colour, and so shiny!

  2. Thanks! I could hardly believe it was so shiny.