Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Milani Pink Out Loud

Soooo...I totally intended to wear a pink today. I really did. And then I got my samples from Fashionista Nails (review coming shortly!), and they were both awesome, and neither of them were pink. So instead of a current pink, I have a swatch of Milani Pink Out Loud to show you. I'm not sure why I didn't think to save my Pink Rose Diamond post for today...clearly I wasn't thinking ahead. Anyway, I only have one photo of this and I'll definitely be re-doing it in the sun at some point, but this is it for now. I used two coats without top coat.

indoors, artificial light

Dry fingers...yuck. Anyway, the color in this picture is fairly accurate, though maybe a bit darker than real life, but the gold shimmer is much more prominent in real life. Pink Out Loud is a glass-flecked shimmer (my favorite kind) similar to several Zoyas. So since I love that finish and I love anything with gold shimmer, I was sold. Anyway, sorry for the crap review - tomorrow's will be much better, I promise! 

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