Friday, March 4, 2011

Franken Week Day 6: Dragonette

I made this sometime last fall...I'm thinking it was around September, but I can't really remember. I can't believe I went without wearing it for this long, though! I think it didn't look like I wanted to in the bottle and I was afraid I wouldn't like it...fortunately, I do. However, it did take me forever to come up with a name for this polish. I wanted something that would "fit" the polish but not be too terribly cheesy (hi Nicole by OPI...I'm a Pool for Love? really? and it's not even blue? at least there's no punctuation...). After toying with the idea of naming it The Girl Who Played With Fire (which I decided against because I'd already done this manicure), among other things, I settled on Dragonette. Then I remembered that that's the name of a band. Whoops.

Unfortunately, I have officially decided that my camera sucks when it comes to photographing suspended flakies, at least in artificial light. It either makes them look like I don't know how to apply nail polish or they don't show up at all. Dragonette is a bright medium red shimmer flakie, and it's way better in real life than in my pictures.

indoors, artificial light

Look at the picture above. Now in your mind, insert flakies A) where it looks like there are bumps in the polish, and B) throughout the rest of the polish. Aside from the hiding flakies, the picture is accurate and shows the color and shimmer well. To make Dragonette, I used OPI Comet Loves Cupid, Zoya Salma, and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. Again, this is going on my re-blogging list...and with that, it's almost the end of franken week! I hope you've enjoyed it so far.