Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Franken Week Day 4: Fresh Squeezed

I believe I was inspired to make an orange jelly flakie after a brief exchange with L on twitter...I could be totally wrong though, my memory is horrible. At any rate, I did it using Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, and clear polish - one of my simplest frankens. Unfortunately, it was a bit thick - I'll be adding some thinner - and it didn't photograph particularly well. The flakies are more prominent in real life...I think there's something about my camera that makes flakies not show up well when they're in a base as opposed to layered on top of a polish. Also, sorry for my janky cuticles.

indoors, artificial light

Again, this is another one I need to re-take pictures of when (if) the sun ever comes out poured and then hailed yesterday. At least I guess that means it's almost spring? Wait, no, it's 28 degrees outside as I'm typing this. Never mind. :/ Hope your Wednesday is sunnier than mine!

I keep forgetting to add my "new polish blogs" thing to the end of my post...I've been reading all of these for at least a week now and I haven't posted them. Anyway, go read! :)

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