Monday, March 28, 2011

CoverGirl Arctic Violet

Sorry for posting so late in the day today...I have had an incredibly hectic day today. It was definitely a Monday. Hopefully, the lovely polish I have for you today will make up for it! Even better, it's in my giveaway, so you can click here and have a chance to get it for yourself. The polish I'm speaking of is CoverGirl Arctic Violet, a ShimmerSlicks polish from back in the day when the only nail polish I wore was Bon Bons or the red The Little Mermaid polish I had that washed off with water. But moving on from my small tangent, Arctic Violet resurfaced at quite a few Dollar Tree stores a while back in two-packs with IceSlicks polishes (which I will be showing several of at some point), and I managed to get one of those two-packs. While I got it for the IceSlicks polish that was in the package, Pink Ice, I ended up really liking Arctic Violet, too.

indoors, artificial light

This is two coats without top coat. As you can see, Arctic Violet is a gorgeous taupe-y greyish purple with a gorgeous silver shimmer. Even though it was made quite a while back, I feel like it's a surprisingly trendy color. Clearly, CoverGirl was ahead of its time when it came to polish, and now they've regressed and are behind the times. Come on, CoverGirl, we know you can make awesome polish - here's the proof! Anyway, Arctic Violet is warmer and less blue than my photograph shows (THANK you, crappy weather), so I'll probably be re-swatching this at some point. I probably never would've picked this up if it hadn't come with Pink Ice, but I'm very glad to have gotten my hands on it, even if it does smell like...well...old nail polish. Now, go enter my giveaway if you haven't already!


  1. I actually bought 2 of the CoverGirl two packs just for this polish! I got sucked in by how pretty it looked in the store, got worried I'd never see it again if I left one behind so I ended up with two bottles haha. I haven't tried it yet, so I was so excited to see your swatch and that it's just as pretty as I hoped it would be! I need to try it asap :)

  2. Yes, definitely get it on your nails ASAP! :)