Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Pink Fail

Before I get to the polish, I want to let you all know that I'm going to be out of town this afternoon through Sunday (I'm going to a young adult brain tumor survivor's retreat). Therefore, I scheduled posts for Friday and Sunday - I would schedule posts for all the days I'm going to be gone, but I'll be out of town next Thursday and Friday as well, so I thought I should save some. :) However, since I don't have time to do all the research and whatnot before I leave, there will be no Learned and Lacquered post this Sunday, just a regular nail polish post. Sorry!

Unfortunately, my first post now that my blog is back up and running is a bit of a fail. I got Maybelline Pink Glimpse, a pale pink shimmer, at Walgreens a little while back, and while I didn't have high expectations, it didn't wow me. I was impressed at first because the polish actually does dry quite fast. It requires four coats for opacity, but that didn't bother me because it dried so quickly. But then, there were bubbles.

indoors, artificial light

Yuck. Yuckyuckyuck. I hate bubbles, and Pink Glimpse bubbles like nobody's business. I didn't have my fan turned on, I let each coat dry before putting on the next - I did everything one can to prevent bubbles. But there they are, in full force. I think I'll empty this bottle and use it for a franken...

Also, check out the awesome widget at the bottom of this post! I love it, and it has more social bookmarking/sharing sites than I even knew existed.

P.S. I'm using my trip as an opportunity to do a wear test on some Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips that I picked up on clearance a while back, so you can look forward to a post on that in the near future! In case you're curious, the ones I got are the denim-patterned ones (Skinny Jeans).


  1. Did you put top coat over this? I find that even if every coat of polish bubbles like crazy Seche Vite fixes it for me. Except when there's a bubble in SV itself, of course, but those are pretty easy to brush away. Not sure how well other top coats work.
    And I have never had bubbles due to a fan/draughtiness/not letting coats dry. A damaged nail plate can be at fault (I used to have bubbles aligned with cracks), sometimes it's a bad interaction between polish and base coat and some  polishes just suck.

  2. I did use top coat, but unfortunately it didn't make a difference.

  3. Bubbles are the worst, especially when you don't know why they happen.  A polish like that won't get another try from me.

  4. Me I said, it's becoming a frankening bottle. Lol

  5. Booo to bubbles! No one likes bubbles!