Saturday, July 17, 2010

Charlotte Russe Charcoal Holo and Mini Haul!

I got this unnamed Charlotte Russe polish about a year ago and had only worn it once or twice. Today, I decided to get it back out again. It's a charcoal holo, and this is what it looks like in the bottle:

This picture isn't the greatest, but you get the idea. In the bottle it looks like it's jam-packed with gorgeous holo glitter. On the's not. It's still looks great, but in most lights you have to look really closely to see that it has any glitter in it at all--it just looks like a charcoal shimmer. I had forgotten this since the last time I wore it, and was pretty disappointed. In an effort to make it more impressive and sparkly, I added a coat of Sephora by OPI Only Gold for Me glitter top coat. The results: 

indoors, artificial light
outdoors, shade
outdoors, sunlight

Gorgeous! My pictures are kind of blurry and crappy, so sorry for that--I don't know if it's because I've been tired all day and can't operate a camera properly or if this combination is just too amazing and glittery for my poor camera to capture properly. Anyway, while it does look black in really, really dim light, the base in clearly charcoal, and it looks absolutely wonderful with the glitter top coat. The combination actually kind of reminds me of Ke$ha's album cover for Animal...totally unintentional. At any rate, I really love it, and I'm not sure I'll ever wear the charcoal alone again!

In other news, I went to Sally Beauty Supply today and then Walgreens, and I ended up buying five bottles of nail polish. The middle three had been lemmings of mine, and the other two were just really pretty. :) Here they are:

From left to right they are: Sally Hansen In the Spotlight, China Glaze Golden Enchantment, Orly Luxe, Orly Rage (both Orly polishes are from Cosmic FX Spring 2010), and Nina Ultra Pro Grin and Berry It. I was especially excited to find the China Glaze because I knew it was being discontinued and figured I'd never find it, but it was on the sale table for $1! I can't wait to try all of these and show them to you in more detail.


  1. Wow you really do like nail polish! Nice to have someone test them all out for the rest of us..."lol"

    Nice blog. :)

  2. Yeah, I do! My mom says I'm addicted, and I just tell her that there are way worse things to be addicted to. ;)

    Thanks for commenting!