Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Zoya Roxy

I did three coats of this--I could've done two, but there were a few bald spots due to my hastiness. Also, more coats = more glitter, and that's almost always a good thing in my book! The base color ended up a bit darker than I expected, but it's still gorgeous and I love it, though of course, I love pretty much every purple I've encountered.

The only thing I hate about this polish? It refuses to be photographed. It took me forever to get any kind of focus at all, though the color is actually fairly accurate. Oh, and I got a huge chip on my pointer fingernail while baking cookies, so that's why it's absent. :)

 outside, in sunlight
outside, in shade
 inside, artificial light

Again, sorry for the crappy pictures--I think they're the result of the camera I'm using, which I believe was released in 2000, and my ineptness. As far as color, the most accurate photo is probably the sunlit one. The polish is a bit pinker and much sparklier in real life, though, and the pictures just do not do the lovely Roxy justice.

EDIT: I just removed Roxy, because I have nail polish ADHD at the moment, and even with my cheap and crappy cotton pads, removal was great for a glitter. 

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog. Just wanted to say hello. I love that color on you!