Tuesday, July 27, 2010

L.A. Colors Antique Rose

I went shopping for some L.A. Colors polishes for my friend's birthday the other day, and of course I had to get some for myself! I ended up buying an extra bottle of Vintage Rose, which I tried today.

indoors, artificial light
outdoors, sunlight
outdoors, shade
The two outdoor pictures are very accurate, and the indoor picture is rather too orangey. I really like this color - it's grandma-friendly, but I don't think it's a "grandma" color. It looks more taupe than rose in most lights, though it is certainly a pinky taupe, and there is a very subtle gold shimmer that is not easy to see, but is definitely there. The color is fairly opaque - I used three medium coats. While it's light enough to be worn in spring and summer, it will be one polish that I will be pulling out more often in fall. I don't have China Glaze Ingrid yet (come ON, Sally Beauty Supply, stock Vintage Vixen!!), but I imagine Vintage Rose as being a light, pinky second cousin of Ingrid. Definitely a pretty color, and one I'm glad to have bought - and Kayla, if you're reading this, I hope you like it too! :)


  1. lol, grandma-friendly color. It is quite pretty outdoors

  2. grandma friendly....ha ha ha ha you're so cute!!

    It's maybe not exactly my taste...but maybe if I saw it with some fall outfits?? That could definitely change my mind. ;)

    You've done a fab job as always...and your nails look beautiful. :)

    Do you paint your friends nails as well? I mean do the call you up? You probably have a long waiting list, right?



  3. Aggie- Thanks! I said that in part because my grandma complimented my nail polish this morning. :)

    Inga- Haha, thanks! I'm definitely seeing this color with greys, navy blues, and deep wine reds...mmm fall. :D I have never painted any of my friends' nails - that may change soon, though, now that some of them know I have a nail polish blog. :)

  4. Haha, my grandmother would love this color! But so would I, lol!

  5. Love how it looks indoors!!!


  6. Aurora- Same here! :)

    Zabrinah- Thanks, me too!

  7. Lol, grandma-friendly...:D

    I just bought this one the other day, and was kind of wondering if I made a mistake due to the "grandma" potential. It looks really pretty on you, though. :)I won't hesitate to try it now thanks to your review!