Sunday, July 25, 2010

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Intensifying Glue On Eyelashes

Whew! What a long title. :) I'd never tried false eyelashes before, so I decided to try these first because they had a sticker on the box that said they were the "Temptalia Editor's Choice Winner: Best False Eyelashes 2009" - also, they seemed to be a reasonable length and thickness. I thought applying stick-on eyelashes was going to be incredibly difficult, but, surprisingly, it was not. I consulted the directions on the box and a very helpful WikiHow article, and found the process to be pretty easy. I took pictures throughout the process:

my eye without mascara, eyeliner, or falsies
my eye with mascara
my eye without mascara, with falsies
 my eye with mascara and falsies  
my eyes with mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and falsies

Sorry for the poor-quality pictures - I obviously am not used to taking pictures of my own eyes. In my one-eye pictures where I'm wearing the falsies, you can see that they are lifting up a bit on the end. I think I must have missed some glue on that edge. I noticed this before I took the last picture and fixed it, but was too lazy to take even more pictures. I was pleasantly surprised with these glue-on eyelashes. I thought they might make me look like a freak since my eyelashes are already really long (though you can't tell in my pictures), but they just made my eyes look even bigger in a flattering way. While I wouldn't use these every day, I would definitely use and recommend them for special occasions.

*This product was provided to me by the manufacturer for review. However, this has not influenced and will never influence my review(s) - I will always say what I truly think about a product.


  1. OHH MY GOSH I have never tried falsies, but I really want to now. I have a wedding coming up in August I'm going to and these would be perfect!

  2. They would be great for a wedding! I was so surprised that I actually liked these; falsies just seemed like something I would hate. :)

  3. Gosh you have patience Your Highness!

    You are lucky to have long's so gorgeous. I wish I did. I think you don't need the false ones...your eyes with mascara looks just as great. Like a model, I'd say. :)

    So can I ask, what does your heart say you would want to do in the future? I mean when it comes to picking a profession? I'm sure your heart says something??? ;)

    BTW, the companies sending you products to review obviously sees what we readers see in're smart, beautiful and fabulous!


    Inga and sis

  4. Thank you! I love my eyelashes. They're pretty much the only thing I'm vain about. :)

    Oh goodness...I want to write, I want to play with nail polish and color and style, I want to make an impact, I want to use my mind, and I want to love what I do. What profession that translates into, I have absolutely no idea.