Saturday, July 31, 2010

OPI Absolutely Alice

I got my new camera charger in the mail today! This means that my pictures will now be much larger and better quality; however, this also means that you will be seeing my ragged cuticles in even greater detail. Hello there, cuticle cream, haven't seen you in awhile!

 inside, artificial light
outside, shade

The sun decided not to come out today, so no sunlight pictures. Sorry, the weather was just not doing what I asked. :) However, I do love Absolutely Alice! This is three coats without top coat, and it is completely opaque! I am very pleased at how much glitter was packed into the clear base, and I love the color. Another thing I love is how smooth it was without top coat - it looks pretty bumpy in macro, but it is only slightly rough. While I don't look forward to taking this off, as I'm pretty sure it will be a cotton pad massacre, I can't wait to try Mad as a Hatter!

P.S. Do any of you know how I can make my pictures "clickable" - that is, how can I put them in a smaller size in my post so that when you click them, they open full-size in a new window?


  1. Soo pretty! I love glitter but it blows to take off =(

  2. this is so pretty, and your pics already are 'clickable'

  3. Loooooove this color! Let us know how it is taking it off, though! Still, this is a beauty!

  4. Freshie- I know...I think it's worth it though!

    AggiePigeon- Thanks for letting me know! I kind of feel stupid now, but at least I don't have to worry about figuring it out. :)

    Aurora's Nails- Me too! I will definitely say how removal is in tomorrow's post. Hopefully not too bad. :)

  5. I want to know about the removal of this polish too!

    This is such a pretty polish but i'm still on the fence if I want it or not. how is the wear on this polish? I know that opi's polishes last a very long time so I assume this one will last for quite some time with very little chipping. My wet n wild applied yesterday and I am already seeing some tip wear. geesh

  6. I was going to ask the same question about the clickable thing!! Apparently it does it by itself?! Wow I had no idea bahaha
    Anyways, LOVE this polish!!!! I think I'm going back to liking glitters now, please do tell us how removal is! That's why I was turned off of glitters, such a pain in the butt!!! I can't wait to see Mad As A Hatter. These might have to be on my buying list!!

  7. I love this, I really want it & MAAH. I never bought it when it came out 'cause I was on a serious no-buy. pooo

  8. Oooh I love the color. And BEAUTIFUL pics.

    Zara, you should make a video for us who don't know how to polish nails. I really really would love to see you polish. Please, teach me. You do such a good job!!

    And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I felt a little "violated" for a moment...but oh well...lessons in life. :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend too.



  9. hhmm I think Mad as a Hatter is a paaaiinnto remove... but look at the pic, isn`t it all worth. Such a beautiful bright blue :)

  10. shortnails- I only wore this for one day, but I didn't get any chips or tipwear.

    Smita- Haha, I'm glad I wasn't the only person confused about that! :)

    Jeanelle- I actually got AA for $8 through Amazon, so you might be able to get a good deal. Good luck!

    Inga- Thanks! I will consider making a video...I'd have to figure out how to use my tripod. :D

    Martje- Oh, I definitely think it's worth it. :)

  11. BAD CUTICLES?!?! WHAT BAD CUTICLES? Nope, they look amazing to me! (LOOOOOVE NUBBINS, by the way... short nails unite <3 <3)

  12. Miss Bun- Haha, thank you! I bet you didn't click to enlarge, though...that's when they start looking bad. :D And yes, short nails unite! Woohoo! :D

  13. Simple Beauty- Haha, thanks! I would say yes, but I doubt this particular polish is ever going to get out of my sight! ;D