Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Color Accent Mani

Polish Hoarder Disorder has a nail design contest (EDIT: challenge, not contest - silly me) every week, and I finally decided to participate this week. As it says in the challenge post, "This week's challenge is to create a grayscale nail design and include a pop of color!" After experimenting with several different designs, I came up with this:

I used Pure Ice Kiss Me Here for grey, Sally Girl white for white, Rimmel Black Satin for black, and China Glaze For Audrey for blue. I painted the black tips freehand, and used a toothpick to do the zig-zags.. I'm very happy with this - my right hand does not look as good, but it's okay. I definitely need to practice making designs with my left hand, though.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you've submitted anything to PHD's challenge!


  1. Cute and very creative! Good luck!

  2. That's adorable! I like it!

    One thing that might help you- when I'm painting my right hand, sometimes I'll use my left hand to hold the brush/dotting tool/whatever, and I'll actually move my right finger under it, instead of trying to move the brush. It sounds weird, but try it. It might help!

  3. I always want to participate but I never have the time. argh!

    I think that the grey and teal(for audrey) looks very pretty. it is a great combination. I didn't even think of it

  4. This design is cute. I'll have to check out that nail design contest.

  5. You must have a lot of patience Zara. Your nails look fabulous. I bet you'll win. We will keep our fingers (hmmm nails crossed). "lol"

    Hope your evening is great. :)


    Inga and sis

  6. Wow! That's so intricate!!! I love it!



  7. Aurora's Nails, Serena, TOSB- I feel's not a contest, it's a challenge. *facepalm* But thanks for your good wishes!

    Laynie- Thanks for the tip; I will try that!

    shortnails- That had been my problem up to this point...I hope you find the time soon!

    Zabrinah- Thanks!

  8. That's a very pretty and striking design! I'm really impressed with how neatly and precisely you did the zigzag pattern.