Saturday, July 17, 2010

China Glaze For Audrey

This is the second time I've worn For Audrey, and I absolutely adore it. I had wanted it for a long time, but was kind of hesitant to actually get it because I was afraid it would give me lobster hands. Fortunately, it doesn't! My hands still look kind of pink, but my hands look kind of pink even when I'm not wearing nail polish at all, so that's not For Audrey's fault.

indoors, artificial light
outdoors, shade
outdoors, sunlight

The last picture is the most color-accurate--the first is a bit too green. I was very impressed with For Audrey's application--since it's a light color, I expected at least three coats, but I was actually opaque with two medium coats. While I don't really think For Audrey is a mint, it's a very pretty color and one that I will wear often.


  1. Love it! Reminds me a lot of mint candy apple from Essie, but maybe a touch darker.


  2. Is- Thanks! I think For Audrey is a bit darker, but I don't have Mint Candy Apple so I can't compare...I really want it though! :)

  3. Love it! I think its a must-have ;)