Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Stash

I worked hard enough on my nails yesterday (and liked them well enough) that I didn't want to take them off quite yet, and unfortunately I don't have any old pictures left. But while you won't be seeing my nails today, you will be seeing some polish - I decided to finally count the number of nail polishes that I have. Here are my boxes, which, as you can see, I organize by color:

 base/top coats, treatments, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, teals
 blues, purples, pinks
 whites, blacks, pearlescents, silvers, golds, bronzes, browns, greys, taupes
 untried polishes

And the total comes to...90! I'm sure it'll be 100 by the time I am actually able to get my hands on the fall collections - I am SO annoyed that China Glaze Vintage Vixen won't be available at Sally Beauty Supply until September. Anyway, I know my mom thinks that's way too many, but I just like to remind her that I actually don't have that many bottles of nail polish compared to a lot of bloggers...I don't think she believes me though. :)

What do you think - is 90 bottles of nail polish more than any normal person would ever need, or is it a drop in the ocean? About how much nail polish do you have?


  1. My mom says I have way too many, too. I love that you have them coordinated by color!

  2. I can never have too many ahahha! If you love it go for it- some people can't stop buying shoes, hats, baseball cards, electronics... whatever it is its your thing.

  3. MY GOODNESS ZARA......"lol" My sister would be in heaven if she had all your 90 bottles. She is drooling... ;)

    How long did it take you to collect them?


    Inga and sis

  4. My mom says the same thing! I have 80 nail polishes. I always tell her it could be worse, some bloggers have over 1,000.

  5. Aurora's Nails- Thanks; I think it's the easiest way to find the polish I want in a hurry.

    tasha~- I agree! Everyone has their own "thing." :)

    TOSB- Haha! I got my first nail polish when I was in elementary approximately ten years? I've bought a lot more in the past few years than before, though.

    Serena- That's what I say; she just refuses to believe that someone could have 1,000+ polishes. :)

  6. just tell her there are way worse things you could be spending time and money on, way worse things... =)

  7. i have an obsession with nail polish! my stash is crazy!! haha

    loving your collection!


    new follower!

  8. AggiePigeon- Good point!

    Blicious- Thanks!

  9. My mom def. thinks I have a problem, so I don't show her my stash anymore

  10. My mother loves nail polishes too, so she doesn't care how many I have. My boyfriend, on the other hand, thinks I have issues! ;D

    Your polishes look so pretty, all arranged by color like that. :)

  11. Girl, that's a lot of polish! I'm super impressed. Haha. I only have 3 bottles that I can find right now.



  12. Jeanelle- I guess that would be one way to solve it! :)

    lily- Haha, I don't think most boys would understand. You're lucky with your mom, though!

    Zabrinah- Haha, thanks. I can't imagine only having three bottles of polish!

  13. So nicely organized! I love seeing people's stashes. :)

  14. Zara,

    It's Friday....are we going to see a "weekend" polish?? :)

    Hope you're weekend really rocks!


    Inga and sis

  15. Inga- I will be posting today, tomorrow, and Sunday! I aim to post every day when at all possible - the reason I haven't posted yet today is that I left my house before the sun rose properly, and while I've taken pictures of my nails, I have no way to get them into a post until I get home. However, I will be posting! Sorry, though, as it will probably be a bit late.