Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nina Ultra Pro Grin and Berry It

Grin and Berry It is from Nina Ultra Pro's Pearly Brights collection. All the polishes in the collection are neon shimmers, which really intrigued me - I wondered if the polish would still have a neon finish or if it would be one of those “neons” that's not really a neon. Fortunately, Grin and Berry It lived up to my expectations and had excellent coverage for a neon! This is three coats with NO white base:

 indoors, artificial light
 outdoors, shade
outdoors, sun

Agh, what a pain to photograph. Purples are hard to photograph. Neons are hard to photograph. So guess what you get when you try to photograph a purple neon? Yeah. The indoors picture is too red, while both the outdoor pictures make Grin and Berry It appear way paler and less neon than it is in real life.

But if only you can see it in real's so gorgeous! You can see a few brushstrokes when the polish is wet, but it dries to a satin, brushstroke-less finish. The base color is absolutely electric, and the blue shimmer adds an unexpected duochrome flash. Duochrome neons? Sign me up! I didn't even have to use a white base with this, and still got amazing coverage and color. Grin and Berry It is the only polish I bought from the Pearly Brights collection, but I think I'm going to get some more if they're still there when I next visit Sally's.

Note: I have read that the Pearly Brights collection is similar to Color Club Electro Candy, but I don't have any Color Club polishes so I can't compare.


  1. i <3 neons. i've never tried nina before, i might next time i'm at sally's though

  2. This is very pretty! I've been avoiding Sally's to keep out of temptation's way but I might have to go see if they have this collection; seems like the kind of thing that will be pushed aside for fall colors soon.

  3. very cute. I think im going to try one. ;)

  4. this is a really pretty color, I don't think it's me though, I just think the neon pink thing is cool in concept, not on my nail!

  5. Aurora- Me too! I don't think I would like the color nearly as much if it were glossy...though it's purple, so of course I would probably still get it. ;)

    Jeanelle- I would definitely recommend it! They're quite a bit less expensive than some other polishes, but their formula and color range is wonderful.

    KarenD- Haha, I should probably avoid Sally's too! :) I'm really glad I got this, though.

    Fashion Doohickey- Awesome! I hope you like it.

    AggiePigeon- It's really more purple than it looks in my pictures, but it's definitely a pinkish purple.

  6. Oooh my sis and I totally looove this polish. It looks super fabulous. :)

    It cracks us up how you're so passionate about nail really are an expert. We love it. :)


    Inga and sis

  7. Oooh, very pretty color! :) The more I see the Nina Ultra Pro polishes swatched, the more I like them and want to add a few to my collection. And so the list of lemmings grows...;D

  8. Inga- Haha, thanks! I still don't think I'm an expert, but I'll take your word for it. :)

    Lily- You should definitely, definitely try some! I love them, and they are quite affordable.