Monday, July 19, 2010

Zoya Mimi + Sally Hansen In the Spotlight

Yay, 20 followers! I am absolutely thrilled. Thank you all for following and commenting - I really appreciate it. Today I decided to try Zoya Mimi, a deep glass-flecked purple with gold shimmer. Considering it was the polish I was most looking forward to receiving in the polish exchange, it's kind of surprising that I hadn't tried it yet. Maybe I was afraid I'd be disappointed? Fortunately, that was definitely not the case. I decided to add In the Spotlight, but I didn't want to cover up Mimi entirely, so I just did it on one nail on each hand (pointer finger on my right hand, ring finger on my left). I quite like the results:

indoors, artificial light
outdoors, shade
outdoors, sunlight

The first picture is probably the most color-accurate; the last two show Mimi as more blue than it actually is. However, Mimi is not quite as dark as it appears in the first picture. In the Spotlight is silver holo glitter, but the holo unfortunately doesn't really show up in these pictures. I was pleased with In the Spotlight's application - I only used one coat and while you can't tell in my pictures, coverage was actually pretty good. I may add the glitter to the rest of my nails later, but right now I'm happy just staring at Mimi's gorgeousness. Thanks for reading!


  1. It looks really really good. The color is divine. It looks great in all types of light! I bet it would even look good underwater!


  2. oo pretty colour!!

  3. Hmm, yeah the In the Spotlight isn't really showing up in your pics--but I can imagine it, since it's one of my favorites to layer with. :) I like the idea of different accent fingers on each hand!

  4. Zabrinah- I bet it would!
    Anya- Thanks for commenting!
    KarenD- Yeah, I don't know why that Now you've put an idea in my head, though - glitter top coat skittle manicure! Giving me ideas can be dangerous, lol. :)

  5. That's a really gorgeous shade of purple, and it looks great on you! :)