Sunday, July 18, 2010

China Glaze Golden Enchantment

As I mentioned in a previous post, I snagged this recently at Sally Beauty Supply for $1. Yup, I was pretty ecstatic. I have been in love with anything glittery lately, so I was really looking forward to wearing it both on its own and layered.

First, I tried wearing Golden Enchantment on its own. Since it's a holo glitter in a clear base, I knew that it wouldn't be opaque; however, I wanted to see what it would look like by itself since it was so amazing in the bottle. I was pleasantly surprised to find that one coat actually gave decent coverage--I think it'd be great as the sheer color in a French manicure. However, I wanted the full monty (I'm not referring to the butter LONDON lacquer, though I'd like that too), so I exercised some of the little patience I have and layered on five medium coats of this baby. It took me forever and a day, but eventually I got this hotness as a result:


Golden Enchantment is much more gold and much more holo and much more glittery than these pictures show. However, the pictures are accurate in that Golden Enchantment looks like a simple gold glitter until you get into the sunlight - it looks very unobtrusive until the sun hits it, and then it visually explodes. I am in LOVE. I know I say love at least five times in most of my posts, but this is...I don't even have words. My mom actually scolded me for looking at my nails constantly instead of joining in the conversation at lunch with our extended family. It's probably a good thing I don't drive, don't you think? Anyway, this is one of the only polishes that I would actually be willing to use five coats of, because it's absolutely stunning. It's stunning with just one coat, even, but five is just amazing. Oh, and might I mention that it wasn't rough at all? I did apply topcoat, but I didn't need it to even the polish out. Reluctant as I was to take off that gorgeousness, I wanted to see what Golden Enchantment looked like on other polishes.

From left to right and thumb to pinkie, the base colors are: Charlotte Russe unnamed, Zoya Roxy, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue It, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamonds, Borghese Sonata Berry. I used two coats of the base colors and one coat of Golden Enchantment on each nail. I took a bunch of pictures, but none of them do any justice to how amazing these combinations look. The Charlotte Russe gold looks like it has holo glitter in the bottle, but it doesn't show up at all on the nail, so the glitter top coat basically made it look like what it should have been in the first place. The image of Diamonds is particularly crappy--the actual base polish is a sort of glass-flecked shimmer that is kind of holo if you look really, really closely, and it looks amazing with Golden Enchantment. The Borghese is actually very distinctively a berry, though it looks almost black in my picture, and Blue It is darker than it looks above. The glitter is just amazing in real life, and I'm disappointed that I was unable to capture it accurately. Roxy and Blue It are my favorite combinations (I'm going to wear one as my next pedi), but they are all gorgeous.

If you've made it to the end of my post, congratulations and thanks for reading! If not, well, I understand--I can get kind of long-winded. :) 


  1. Hey, Zara! I like this polish!! The shimmer is so delicate. The last photo looks great! You rock the mismatched nails!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  2. Ooh, it looks absolutely gorgeous on Roxy!

  3. Thanks for the comments! And ABOP, Roxy was my mom's favorite too. :)

  4. I recently picked this up at Sally's also on sale :) I'm not sure what I should use it with yet

  5. Oh, that polish looks and sounds just beautiful! Your posts are responsible for several of my most recent lemmings. (Thank you! I love discovering new and beautiful polishes! :)

    And I really enjoy reading your posts. I love that you go into detail about the polishes.:)

  6. Danielle- I think it looks great with pretty much anything, but especially darker colors.

    lily- You're welcome, and thank you for reading and commenting!