Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Zoya Ivanka

Today's NOTD is waiting to be posted as a guest blog on Inga's blog, The Original Swedish Blonde (who you should go read now), and I'm going to be spending the rest of my nail efforts for the day trying to work out what to do for Polish Hoarder Disorder's weekly challenge. Thus, today you get a swatch from sometime last week - I hope you don't mind too much! I used two coats and no top coat in these pictures.

indoors, artificial light
outdoors, shade
outdoors, sun

The colors in these pictures are actually very accurate, although my skin is definitely not as yellow as it looks in that first picture - if I started turning that color, I think I would visit the doctor. :) However, my pictures fail to capture the amazing depth, beauty and sparkle of Ivanka. I definitely think this is a must-have for any green lover or, in fact, just about anybody. 


  1. I am so tempted by these Zoyas! super pretty.

  2. I looove green. Don't ask me why, because I think I'm the only one in our family who does. Then again I'm probably a little off.....LOL
    Your nails look totally fab...and I wish we lived closer, because I'd hire you in a second (my sis and I...and I'm sure my other sis too) to do our nails. I hate to say hire...because you've become a friend...the same time I don't expect to get anything for free...shoot do you know what I mean? I've noticed living in bigger cities ...people just always talk about money...and to me it's sickening..I really honestly hate money...should not say that...we all need it....and of course I will not be able to work for free....LOL.....what I'm trying to say is...I just want to have some genuine friendships.. here I go sorry LOL

    Thank you for being you...xoxo


    PS. Maybe I should see a shrink...LOL instead of spilling my guts on your site. LOL

  3. Karen- I know; I get sucked in looking on their website! From my experience, though, they are definitely worth it.

    Inga- You love green because green is awesome, that's why! :) Thanks for saying you'd hire me, and I would totally do it for free. :) I hate money too; I really wish it wasn't necessary. But it is, so I have to have money, because then I couldn't buy nail polish and would probably go completely loony. :D Thank you for being you, too - I just love this whole blogging community, and I love reading your comments! Do not apologize! :)

  4. I never tried Zoya!! I should start from some where =) Maybe from this color amazing!

  5. Zuzu- You should definitely try Zoya! I probably never would have if it weren't for their Polish Exchange...if you're on the fence, you could always wait until next year. :)