Saturday, July 17, 2010


I imagine most of you have read Sara's (aka Daily Polish's) article describing a cease and desist letter she received from Ginger + Liz, but if not, here it is. I'm not going to write a huge long post about it, because I feel like that territory has been quite adequately covered. I will say, however, that it annoys me to no end when a company does something that is not only "not nice," but is actually detrimental to their business--I don't know how many commenters and bloggers I've seen that have declared that they won't be buying Ginger + Liz products anymore, but there are a lot, and I'm one of them. I feel like I should clarify, though, that this is all my personal opinion and that I'm not trying to make up my own facts without any evidence. Geez, don't sue me. :/

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  1. How stupid. Thanks for putting this info out here, though,because without bloggers, I would have no idea this was going on. Just so dumb on G+L's part!